Liberia YMCA

The Liberia YMCA was founded in 1881 by Bishop Samuel D. Ferguson, while on assignment in Harper, Maryland County. Bishop Ferguson, an Episcopalian Bishop was from the USA. The organization which first started as a church— based organization later began to spread its branches to other parts of Liberia especially the coastal counties, Montserrado, Grand Cape Mount, Sinoe and Grand Bassa Counties.

In 1926, the YMCA was extended to Monrovia, the capital city. Based on the request by the Liberia YMCA, the US YMCA sent to Liberia the first Fraternal Secretary, Mr. David N. Howell.

Mr. Howell arrived in Liberia with his family on Thanksgiving day. Under his 27-year leadership, the Liberia YMCA became a member of the World Alliance of the YMCAs in 1954 and the National Headquarters first modern in-door gymnasium was built.

After Mr. Howell’s leadership, the YMCA experienced tremendous growth with other organizations asking for partnership with the Liberia YMCA.

Seeing the need to steer its own affairs, the YMCA took on Mr. Joseph A. Kelley as the first Liberian YMCA Secretary General. After a long period of service to the Liberian people, the YMCA celebrated its centennial anniversary on August 9, 1991 at the Providence Baptist Church in Monrovia.

Mr. Charles D. Sherman of Liberia became the first black president of the World Alliance of the YMCAs.

Our Core Value

The Liberia YMCA subscribes to the following which are inherent in its core values:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Initiative
  • Trustworthiness
  • Inclusiveness

Our Mission

The YMCA of Liberia seeks to unite and empower young people through self-development and service to their community as an extension of the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

“The YMCA will be a guiding light for self-actualization of young people for good citizenship” 

What sets us apart

We are a national organization comprised of members, grounded in the communities we serve

  • We have specialized in youth development for over a century, with proven success of holistic youth development work.
  • Our community and national presence, connections and networks are strong, making us well known to all community, county and national-level stakeholders.
  • Track record of past performance with implementing major projects
  • Part of a continental and global YMCA family for shared learning and support
  • Strong volunteer base of young people and professional practitioners serving on boards and community steering groups